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We are an online distributor of Australian hemp-based and natural products that contribute to a healthier, happier and more sustainable life. 

Our products are created using Therapeutic Grade Hemp Oil made in Australia with all-natural ingredients. Free from GMO’s, used by vets, dentist and recommended by medical professionals.  Our products are carefully selected for the therapeutic qualities required for specific ailments to assist the healing process for individual needs. 

Why choose our products?

All products in our selection are legal for use in Australian states and territories, all-natural, Australian-made, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Buying our products means you are supporting small businesses in an emerging Australian industry.  They are carefully selected to meet our goal of raising awareness and sharing the benefits of natural Australian hemp products that are good for the health and well-being of people, pets and planet.


Hemp oil for healthy pets

Hemp is an ideal dietary supplement for your fur-family too. Hemp seed oil is a fabulous source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and essential fatty acids to help reduce inflammation and promote good health. High-quality hemp seed oils are an excellent addition to your pet’s diet, for shiny fur or feathers, healthy skin, good heart and joint health and improved mood and behaviour.


Male, 47yrs, Gold Coast

The effects from Rapid Max are far quicker than paracetamol and I’m sure far better for you. The bottle is easy to use and easy to pop in your bag. Thank you so much for introducing me to this amazing product – love it!

Female, 50yrs, Redlands

On my knee (joint/meniscus issue) Rapid Max took away about 90-95% of the pain. On my forearm (after some very heavy exercise) it helped 100%. Even for something like a severe bump, the pain relief is instant, and a cool side-affect – no bruising!

Female, 55yrs, Redland Bay

I’m really impressed with the Rapid Max roll-on product. Now I have it, I’m trying it on lots of different things and it’s been incredible.

Female, Victoria Point

I purchased Rapid Max for a repetitive strain injury, and it has been fantastic.  I had instant relief.

Female, Finance Professional

Female, 53yrs

Dog Mum, little dog

Female, 21yrs, Thornlands

JE, chronic back pain sufferer

Male, 50yrs, Melbourne

Male, 76yrs, Brisbane

L, Female, Darwin

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