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Need natural pain relief? Tired of feeling anxious or not sleeping well? Perhaps you just want your family to live their best life, naturally?

Our carefully selected range of Australian hemp products are perfect for you!

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Our product range is inspired by the natural goodness of Australian hemp and the innovation of Aussie manufacturers of hemp-related products.

We are committed to sharing unique, all-natural Australian hemp and complementary products that are good for the health and well-being of people, pets and planet.

Fight pain, inflammation and poor sleep, the natural way

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Indian Hemp Blend

RAPID MAX Pain Relief Blend (10ml)


Male, 47yrs, Gold Coast

The effects from Rapid Max are far quicker than paracetamol and I’m sure far better for you. The bottle is easy to use and easy to pop in your bag. Thank you so much for introducing me to this amazing product – love it!

Female, 50yrs, Redlands

On my knee (joint/meniscus issue) Rapid Max took away about 90-95% of the pain. On my forearm (after some very heavy exercise) it helped 100%. Even for something like a severe bump, the pain relief is instant, and a cool side-affect – no bruising!

Female, 55yrs, Redland Bay

I’m really impressed with the Rapid Max roll-on product. Now I have it, I’m trying it on lots of different things and it’s been incredible.

Female, Victoria Point

I purchased Rapid Max for a repetitive strain injury, and it has been fantastic.  I had instant relief.

Female, Finance Professional

Female, 53yrs

Dog Mum, little dog

Female, 21yrs, Thornlands

JE, chronic back pain sufferer

Male, 50yrs, Melbourne

Male, 76yrs, Brisbane

L, Female, Darwin

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Why Hemp?

Hemp is a sustainable and very versatile plant that delivers goodness from seed to stem. Hemp is cultivated for food, fibre and seed production.

It is used for textiles, food, beauty and wellness products and therapeutic products that can help relieve pain and inflammation and calm and soothe the body.

Other natural products like Lavender, Sweet Orange, Frankincense and Gumby Gumby (Pittosporuoum Phylliraeoides) combine well with hemp oil to create luxurious, effective and soothing solutions for the whole family.

Naturally Australian

Our products are legal, verified and sustainably produced Australian products for people and pets, made by dedicated Aussies who care about our planet.

Cannopathy Oils & balms
Hemp seeds, oils, protein, blends
Heaps of other good hempy stuff coming soon!

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